Glock 34 MOS

Exploring the Glock 34 MOS: A Comprehensive Review

Did you know that the Glock 34 MOS is the go-to choice for countless competitive shooters and carry optics enthusiasts? Its popularity stems from its incredible features and unmatched performance in the shooting arena. Whether you’re looking to dominate in competitions or seek a reliable companion for carry purposes, the Glock 34 MOS has got you covered.

With its slide-riding optics, the Glock 34 MOS offers faster and more natural sighting, giving you a significant advantage over your competitors. But that’s only the beginning. This Gen 5 MOS version boasts improved grip texture and an ambidextrous slide release, ensuring a comfortable and adaptable shooting experience. Its solid, full slide can also be customized with an optic using adapter plates, elevating your shooting performance to new heights.

Reliability and durability are at the core of the Glock 34 MOS, making it a trusted choice among seasoned shooters. Its versatility, high capacity, and compatibility with various accessories further enhance its appeal. In this article, we’ll delve into the key features, performance, and suitability of the Glock 34 MOS, exploring why it’s a top contender in both competitive shooting and carry optics divisions.

Key Features of the Glock 34 MOS

The Glock 34 MOS is a standout firearm that offers several key features to enhance your shooting experience. Whether you’re looking for a reliable concealed carry option or a duty weapon, the Glock 34 MOS has you covered.

One of the notable features of the Glock 34 MOS is its versatile size. It strikes the perfect balance between concealability and functionality, making it an ideal choice for both everyday carry and duty use.

Another standout feature is the double-stack magazine, which provides a high capacity of 15+1 rounds in 9mm. This allows you to be prepared for any situation without the need for frequent reloads.

The Gen 5 version of the Glock 34 MOS brings several improvements over its predecessor. The grip texture has been enhanced, providing a secure and comfortable hold. The trigger has also been refined, delivering a smooth pull and consistent shot placement. Additionally, the barrel has been upgraded to enhance accuracy and overall performance.

Left-handed shooters will appreciate the ambidextrous slide release of the Glock 34 MOS. This feature ensures that the firearm can be easily operated by users of all orientations.

Furthermore, the Glock 34 MOS is compatible with a wide range of accessories. One notable accessory is the adapter plate, which allows you to mount optics on the slide. This enables faster sight acquisition and improved accuracy, especially in competition scenarios.

To summarize, the key features of the Glock 34 MOS include:

  • Versatile size for concealed carry and duty use
  • Double-stack magazine with high capacity
  • Enhanced grip texture
  • Refined trigger for improved performance
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Compatibility with various accessories, including optic adapter plates

Experience the exceptional performance and versatility of the Glock 34 MOS for yourself. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a concealed carry enthusiast, this firearm offers the features and reliability you need to excel in any situation.

Feature Description
Versatile Size Optimal balance between concealability and functionality
High Capacity Magazine 15+1 rounds in 9mm for extended shooting
Enhanced Grip Texture Improved hold for a secure and comfortable grip
Refined Trigger Smooth pull and consistent shot placement
Ambidextrous Slide Release Easily operable by both right and left-handed shooters
Accessory Compatibility Mount optics and other accessories with adapter plates

Performance and Shootability of the Glock 34 MOS

The Glock 34 MOS is known for its exceptional performance and shootability, making it a favorite among shooters in various disciplines. Whether you’re participating in competitions or engaging in training sessions, the Glock 34 MOS delivers accuracy, reliability, and an overall satisfying shooting experience.

One of the standout features of the Glock 34 MOS is its trigger. Shooters have praised the crisp and consistent trigger pull, allowing for precise shots. The smooth and predictable trigger reset enables rapid follow-up shots, an essential aspect of competitive shooting.

The grip of the Glock 34 MOS also deserves recognition. With its ergonomic design and aggressive texture, it offers a comfortable and secure hold, promoting better control over the firearm. The reduced muzzle flip ensures minimal recoil, helping shooters stay on target for quick and accurate follow-up shots.

The Glock 34 MOS has been thoroughly tested in various shooting exercises and matches, consistently proving its reliability and accuracy. Shooters have praised its ability to deliver fast target acquisition, thanks to its slide-riding optics. This advantage allows for quicker sight alignment, resulting in improved performance in speed shooting scenarios.

In competitive shooting and training scenarios, the Glock 34 MOS has demonstrated its ability to excel. Its accuracy, shootability, and overall performance make it a top choice for experienced shooters and enthusiasts looking to improve their skills.

Glock 34 MOS review


“The Glock 34 MOS is a game-changer. The trigger is fantastic, and the grip feels amazing in my hand. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my shooting performance since switching to the Glock 34 MOS.” – Mark Thompson, Competitive Shooter

Key Features:

  • Accurate and reliable performance
  • Crisp and consistent trigger pull
  • Ergonomic grip with aggressive texture
  • Reduced muzzle flip for better control
  • Slide-riding optics for faster target acquisition

Glock 34 MOS for Competitive Shooting

The Glock 34 MOS is widely recognized as one of the best Glocks for competitive shooting, offering outstanding performance and precision. This top Glock competition pistol features a longer barrel and slide dimensions, providing shooters with enhanced accuracy and an extended sight radius. The thoughtful slide design of the Glock 34 MOS allows for easy customization with an optic, giving competitors a significant advantage on the range.

Shooters who have used the Glock 34 MOS in various shooting exercises, drills, and matches consistently report excellent results. Its reliability, durability, and versatility make it a top choice for those who value performance and precision in competitive shooting. The Glock 34 MOS has proven itself time and again, earning its reputation as one of the best options for competitive shooters.

Advantages of the Glock 34 MOS

  • Longer barrel and slide dimensions for enhanced accuracy and sight radius
  • Slide design allows for easy customization with an optic, providing a competitive edge
  • Proven reliability, durability, and versatility for consistent performance

Whether you’re participating in local matches or national competitions, the Glock 34 MOS offers the features and capabilities needed to excel. Its accuracy, reliability, and adaptability make it a trusted companion for competitive shooters.

“The Glock 34 MOS is a game-changer for competitive shooting. Its longer barrel and slide dimensions, combined with the ability to mount an optic, give me the precision and speed I need to dominate. It’s a top Glock competition pistol for a reason.” – Competitive Shooter

For those looking to take their competitive shooting to the next level, the Glock 34 MOS is the perfect choice. Its performance and precision have made it a favorite among top shooters and continue to solidify its place as one of the best Glocks for competitive shooting.

Advantages of the Glock 34 MOS for Competitive Shooting
Longer barrel and slide dimensions
Enhanced accuracy and sight radius
Easy customization with an optic
Proven reliability, durability, and versatility

Glock 34 MOS for Carry Optics

The Glock 34 MOS is a versatile choice that extends its capabilities to the Carry Optics division as well. With its slide-riding optic and rapid sighting capabilities, this Glock model offers shooters a distinct advantage in carry situations. It provides a reliable and precise shooting experience, making it a trusted companion for self-defense and personal protection. The Glock 34 MOS’s compact size and high capacity magazine make it an ideal option for concealed carry purposes. It has consistently demonstrated its reliability and versatility, making it a popular choice among carry optics enthusiasts.

Equipped with built-in accessory compatibility, the Glock 34 MOS offers customization options to suit individual preferences and shooting styles. Its proven track record and exceptional performance in different shooting scenarios solidify its status as one of the best Glocks for competitive shooting. Additionally, the Glock 34 MOS’s compact design makes it easy to handle and maneuver, ensuring optimal performance even in high-pressure situations.

Glock 34 MOS for Carry Optics

Glock 34 MOS Specifications

Feature Specification
Caliber 9mm
Barrel Length 5.31 inches
Overall Length 8.74 inches
Height 5.47 inches
Width 1.18 inches
Weight (Unloaded) 25.95 ounces
Capacity 15+1 rounds
Trigger Pull 5.5 pounds
Sights Fixed Glock Sights
Finish Tenifer
Optic Compatibility Slide-Riding Optics
Price MSRP $899

The Glock 34 MOS excels in the Carry Optics division, providing shooters with the reliability, accuracy, and versatility they need to succeed in competitive shooting. Whether in a self-defense scenario or a Carry Optics match, the Glock 34 MOS proves to be a top-tier choice, combining performance, comfort, and ease of use.

Making an Informed Decision: Buying the Glock 34 MOS

If you’re considering purchasing the Glock 34 MOS, it’s important to make an informed decision. This highly sought-after firearm is available for purchase at various reputable retailers in the United States. The Glock 34 MOS is priced competitively within the market, offering outstanding value for its features and performance.

One of the key advantages of the Glock 34 MOS is its versatility and customization options. With an array of aftermarket accessories available, you can tailor the Glock 34 MOS to meet your specific needs and preferences. Explore the wide selection of optics and magazine extensions to further enhance your shooting experience and make this pistol truly your own.

Before finalizing your purchase, it’s recommended to handle and test the Glock 34 MOS. This hands-on experience allows you to ensure that the pistol feels comfortable and suits your shooting style. Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with its ergonomics, grip, and overall functionality. By doing so, you can confidently assess whether the Glock 34 MOS is the right choice for you.

Invest in the Glock 34 MOS and experience the reliability and performance that this trusted firearm offers. With its competitive pricing, range of features, and customization options, the Glock 34 MOS is an excellent investment for both seasoned shooters and those new to firearms alike. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase this exceptional pistol.


What are the key features of the Glock 34 MOS?

The Glock 34 MOS features slide-riding optics, improved grip texture, an ambidextrous slide release, and compatibility with various accessories.

How does the Glock 34 MOS perform in terms of shootability?

Shooters praise the Glock 34 MOS for its trigger, grip, and overall feel. It offers reduced muzzle flip, comfortable grip, and improved control and accuracy.

Is the Glock 34 MOS suitable for competitive shooting?

Yes, the Glock 34 MOS is regarded as one of the best Glocks for competitive shooting due to its enhanced accuracy, sight radius, and slide design that allows for easy customization with an optic.

Can the Glock 34 MOS be used for carry optics?

Absolutely, the Glock 34 MOS is a suitable option for the Carry Optics division. Its slide-riding optic provides fast sighting capabilities, making it advantageous in carry situations.

Where can I buy the Glock 34 MOS and how much does it cost?

The Glock 34 MOS is available for purchase at various retailers. The price may vary, so it’s recommended to check with your local gun store or online firearm retailers for the most up-to-date pricing.

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